Article Out Loud - Five Steps Toward Enhancing Climate Resilience

By Emily Wasley, An Article Out Loud Flashback from Domestic Preparedness, originally published on April 2018.

Many communities have been impacted by “acute climate shocks” such as wildfires, hurricanes, floods, heatwaves, and severe winter storms – resulting in the loss of lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure. The five steps shared in this 2018 article can help enhance climate resilience.

Narrated by Bonnie Weidler

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Emily Wasley

Emily Wasley has more than 13 years of experience working with a variety of private, nonprofit, academic, and government organizations on domestic and international climate change research, policy, and strategy. She serves as director of Cadmus’ Climate Security, Adaptation, and Resilience Practice. Prior to Cadmus, she served as the Inform Decisions and Adaptation Science Program manager for the U.S. Global Change Research Program (overseen by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy), as well as a science translator for federal agencies developing their agency adaptation plans, as a technical climate expert supporting the former Administration’s preparedness pilots, and contributing author of the Third National Climate Assessment’s Adaptation Chapter. She is a certified Change Management Advanced Practitioner (CMAP) and Decision Making for Climate Change professional. She holds an M.A. in Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and a B.A. in Public Policy and Environmental Studies. She also serves as an adjunct fellow for the American Security Project and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Resilience Working Group.



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