New CERT Training Now Available

Two new courses now available to States and local CERT programs across the nation.

States in particular are encouraged to offer these courses to local CERT instructors, Basic Training course managers,  and program managers.  The materials for each course include an Instructor Guide, Participant Manual, and PowerPoint slides, and are available for download at the national CERT website at

G428:  CERT Train-the-Trainer Course 

The new Train-the-Trainer Course focuses on preparing instructors to:

  • Deliver the CERT Basic Training Course accurately.
  • Convey the messages and intent of the CERT Program (e.g., safety, teamwork, place in overall community emergency operations plan).  
  • Assure the students achieve the objectives of the CERT Basic Training.
  • Create a comfortable yet managed learning environment for CERT participants. 

The audience for this three-day course includes current and prospective CERT instructors, CERT course managers,  and those who train CERT instructors.

View the new CERT Train-the-Trainer materials HERE.

G427:  CERT Program Manager Course 

The new Program Manager Course defines the core components of a local CERT program and focuses on effective practices to establish and maintain an active program, including:

  • Develop local CERT program goals and a related strategic plan
  • Promote the local CERT program
  • Orient, manage and retain CERT members
  • Recruit, fund, manage, and retain CERT trainers
  • Acquire and manage program resources
  • Deliver and manage effective training and exercises
  • Develop essential policies and procedures for a local CERT program
  • Evaluate and sustain the program

The audience for this course includes any professional or volunteer interested in becoming a local CERT program manager as well as current CERT program managers.  Participants will developeas to help start a new program or to revitalize an ongoing program.

View the new CERT Program Manager materials HERE.

Course Delivery The delivery of the CERT Train-the-Trainer Course and the CERT Program Manager Course may be paired of offer a five-day block of training.

States are encouraged to offer the courses and can use Homeland Security Grant Program funding to support the training. 

States may also request an “L” delivery of either or both courses in conjunction with FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI).  An “L” delivery is an EMI course that takes place in the State and is funded by the State.  State Training Officers and State CERT POCs should contact Paul Benyeda at EMI for more information,   

Both courses are also offered on-site at EMI in Emmitsburg, Maryland. For information about on-site course offerings, schedules, and the application process, please visit the EMI website.

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