Lessons Learned: A Major Educational Resource

In the middle of an Area Maritime Security Committee meeting, a facility security officer wonders out loud why it is so difficult to coordinate and disseminate information about terrorist activities, particularly in the maritime field, between all of the government agencies and private-sector entities that have a legitimate “need to

Virginia, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

Virginia Develops free emergency resources for businesses, but imposes security fees on incoming oceanborne cargoA new online resource – the Virginia Business Emergency Survival Toolkit (available at – has been developed by a group of emergency organizations in Virginia that includes information and other resources that the state’s businesses can use

Asymmetric Warfare: Redefining Standard Terms

Chaos and confusion reign not just on the battlefield but also, particularly in recent times, in policy pronouncements, position papers, and the public consciousness. Principal problem is a proliferation of acronyms meaning almost the same thing – but not

Michigan, New York, Washington, and Florida

Michigan plays a perfect game before defending the Great Lakes; New York considers the purchase of an advanced helicopter for firefighting, rescue operations; the state of Washington conducts its first bioterrorism exercise; and Florida sets aside a speci

Coming Soon: A National EMS Administration?

Today’s EMS community is a full partner on the nation’s homeland-security first-responder team, but gets short shrift in funding, in representation at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and in media attention. One way to even out the playing field might be to establish a national office representing city,

Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Kansas

Oklahoma continues to provide more resources for first responders and counterterrorism personnel; new partnerships in homeland security and emergency preparedness formed in Texas; Indiana agencies address suspicious activity and fraud; Kansas responders.

ALPR Systems and How They Grew

Crime-fighting goes high-tech with the introduction and increasing use of affordable, relatively compact, and user-friendly OCR and ALPR technology. Today, speeders are the most likely target. Tomorrow and the day after it will be known criminals and/or s

“The Week That Was” in Washington, D.C.

Orders to “Run for your life!” were followed in short order by the announcement of new port-security grants and the Pentagon’s latest list of base closings, consolidations, and realignments. All three became major national stories, and all are related – i Welcomes Neil C. Livingstone

SEVERNA PARK, MD–(MARKET WIRE)–May 9, 2005 — announces that it has added Neil C. Livingstone, one of the world’s preeminent experts on terrorism and Homeland Security, to its roster of distinguished experts contributing editorial for its widely distributed eNewsletter T.I.P.S. (Total Integrated Preparedness Solutions). “The addition of Dr. Livingstone

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada By Anthony Lanzillotti Missouri Funeral Directors seek help with PPE funding Funeral home directors in Missouri have asked the state to help them obtain federal funding for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE). The request came after a recent meeting of the directors to discuss

Ohio, California and Minnesota

A dirty bomb is hidden inside a vessel at a port facility somewhere on Lake Erie. SWAT teams, more than 180 first responders, and a large number of EMS student victims are among the many-splendored participants in an extended counter-terrorism exercise at Ohio Tests Lake Erie Dirty-Bomb Scenario Just two weeks


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