Ohio, Hawaii, California, and Minnesota

  Ohio Just two weeks before the large “TOPOFF3” exercise tapped major resources in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the state of Ohio held a small tabletop exercise focusing on the threat of a sea borne radiological dispersal device. The scenario included a “dirty bomb” hidden within a vessel

A Message From the Publisher

Two major homeland-security events – the CFSI dinner in Washington, D.C., and the FDIC conclave in Indianapolis – reinforce, in different ways, Chairman Cox’s goal of keeping a tighter rein on DHS management while also providing the funds needed to contin

Risks and Realities, Grants and Vulnerabilities

The mostly successful launch of the Department of Homeland Security has been followed, not surprisingly, by allegations of wasteful spending and a failure to establish priorities. The new team at DHS meets the challenge head-on, and is already working wit

Needed: Revisions to Maritime Response Standard

NFPA 1405 tells land-based firefighters how to respond to fires aboard ships in port. But some essential details are missing, and should be included in future (revised) editions.

Upgrading an Armory: The 1033 Solution

The handgun, the shotgun, and the rifle – each has its advantages and disadvantages. But today’s law-enforcement officer needs at least one effective weapon not only to carry out his duties but also to protect himself and the thousands of innocent people

Hospital Staffing for Decontamination

In the new post-9/11 world the emergency community can no longer afford the luxury of compartmentalization. Planning, cooperation, and training together all will be needed – along with additional funds.

Needed: Smarter Security

Since 9/11, many positive steps have been taken to better protect the American people, and the U.S. homeland, from new terrorist attacks. But some of those steps have been in the wrong direction, and others were unnecessary.

Rosie the Riveter and Homeland Security

Rosie the Riveter was the poster girl for the U.S. arsenal of democracy that played a major role in the WWII Allied victory. She has been recalled to active duty in the U.S.-led global war on terrorism, and last week made a personal appearance at the Home

EMS in the Fire Service – A New Trend in Patient Care

Tomorrow’s fire departments will still fight the flames first. But then they will have otherburning problems to cope with – chemical spills, for example; and a fast-growing spectrum of biological hazards now available over the counter or at the local ter

Arkansas, New Jersey and Alaska

Arkansas Arkansas Department Of Emergency Management (ADEM)The vision of the ADEM states, “The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management will be the recognized leader nationwide for state-level homeland security and disaster preparedness programs, policies, and procedures by 2010.” In keeping with this vision, the ADEM has implemented a list of Suggested Protective Measures for

State Defense Forces: An Untapped Resource

With a high percentage of the U.S. active-duty forces, and Reserve and National Guard units as well, now deployed overseas, the nation’s governors may be hard-pressed to cope with in-state disasters. The SDFs provide a quick-response, low-cost, experience


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