Standards for Sharing Intelligence and Information

It has taken years to remedy the intelligence-sharing deficiencies reported by the 9-11 Commission, but Congress and the President have worked hard to overcome the ignorance and apathy that once

New Radiological Tool Kits Available from CDC

A major upgrading of state and local abilities to respond to radiological emergencies is now possible, thanks to CDC’s development and production of two new on-the-scene tool kits.

Local Emergency Management: The CFATS Challenge

Chemical facilities have always been a concern for local first responders. Most major chemical accidents rapidly overwhelm community emergency-services capabilities. Until the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, U.S. emergency-services

Hospital Decontamination: Many Questions, But Few Answers

From “two-lane” decon lanes to high-tech detection equipment and personal protective gear, most U.S. hospitals are behind the curve in preparing to deal with mass-casualty decontamination incidents. What can be done about it?
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