BioPreparedness: Today, Tomorrow & Years Later

Featured in this issue: Biodetection: Today, Tomorrow & Years Later, By Glen Rudner; “Pathogens for Knuckleheads”: The Enemy Within – Invisible & Infectious, By Christina Flowers; The Hospital ICS: Mainstream Solution, or Barely Used?, By Craig DeAtley; Hospital Emergency Departments – Infectious Diseases: The First Line of Defense, By Theodore (Ted) Tully; Swabs and Samples; Assays and Analytes, By Patti Riggs, Principal Chemist, QuickSilver Analytics; Bio-Preparedness: From the Top Down, By JL Smither; The Driving Forces Behind Policy Making, By Joseph Cahill; The Limits of Detection: A New Horizon Beckons, By Chris Weber; UTMB: From Disaster Planning to Long-Term Recovery, By Cameron W. Slocum & James Lee Witt; and Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, By Adam McLaughlin



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