CBRNE 2010

Featured in this issue:Emerging Trends in CBRN Detection – Moving Forward, By Glen Rudner; A Primer on PPE Training for Tactical Officers, By Richard Schoeberl; The EMS Role on FAST Teams & HazMat Assignments, By Joseph Cahill; TOPOFF 4 & Looking Glass RDD Lessons Learned, By Brandy Jones; Nuclear Smuggling: Detection Challenges & Hasty Acquisition, By Joseph Trindal; NIMS-ICS & the Private Sector – Good Fit, or a Stretch?, By Steven Grainer; DomPrep Survey: DHS PS-Prep Program…Raising Awareness, Prepared by Albert Romano, Senior Vice President, Homeland Security, Michael Baker Jr. Inc; Supported by Dennis R. Schrader, President, DRS International; Resilience: Developing Professionalism, Clarifying the Incentives, By Dennis R. Schrader; How Clean is Clean? Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning: A New Focus on Deficiencies, By Jordan Nelms; Gauging the Threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack, By Scott Stewart & Nathan Hughes; and Louisiana, Alabama, New Jersey, and Washington, By Adam McLaughlin



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