Backups for Emergency Satellite Communications

In today’s fast-moving world comprehensive, rapid, & continuing communications are the key to business success – and, in times of conflict, success on the battlefield as well. But what happens if communications systems are destroyed or made inoperable?

Excellence in Education: Georgia's New CHEC Course

The duties & responsibilities of hospital emergency coordinators are extremely complex and specialized. A new course of studies sponsored by the Georgia Department of Human Resources provides the framework needed for three levels of CHEC certification.

Three to Get Ready

The could-have/should-have (but did not) scenarios of the past serve as abundant reminders that the cost of national preparedness is only a fraction of the much higher cost that must always be paid for not being prepared.

The Design of the Future U.S. Hospital System

U.S. healthcare officials, working in close cooperation with long-range planners & political decision makers, are already pondering what the nation’s future hospital infrastructure should look like. Here are some ideas to consider.
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