Some NRP Changes Made - More Are Needed

Although some changes were made to the National Response Plan (NRP) following Hurricane Katrina, significant weaknesses remain in the duties and authority of the Principal Federal Official, the role of

NIMS: Is Better Coordination Needed?

A national master plan had to be developed to cope with future disasters affecting the U.S. homeland. Issuance of the NIMS presidential directive seemed a positive step, but funding & political problems have raised doubts.

NACCHO's Local Health Department Guide to Pandemic Influenza

This guide is intended for use by local health departments as part of a multi-sector effort to coordinate planning and response to a pandemic influenza outbreak.

The Need for Intelligence-Led Policing

Data + Analysis = Intelligence. The key point to remember not only by analysts & operators, but by senior-level decision makers responsible for making the most effective use of all assets available in the continuing war on international terrorism.

The WMD-CST Program: A National Success Story

The U.S. media and decision makers at all levels of government – state, local, and federal – are in agreement on at least one thing: namely, that additional terrorist attacks

NIMS: A Paradigm Shift for Law Enforcement

By now, most of the public-safety first responders in the United States have heard about the National Incident Management System, or NIMS.  Every public safety agency that receives DHS (Department

The ABCs of NIMS and the ICS

EMS agencies have been assigned major new responsibilities under both the NIMS and the ICS. The key to “mission accomplished” will be the ability of agencies from adjoining states to submerge personal identities & work toward a common goal.

Admiral Thad W. Allen, USCG, Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard Commandant discusses USCG’s relationships with other DHS agencies, future equipment needs and force-packaging concepts, the TWIC program, and the advantages of keeping FEMA under DHS jurisdiction.
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