Featured in this issue:Leadership at the Scene of a Mass-Casualty Incident, By Joseph Cahill; Lessons Learned: Mass Casualties and Communication Gaps, By Sophia Paros; Intelligent EOC Design: Today & Tomorrow, By James (Jim) Fulton, Founder and Board Member, ESi; The Best Respiratory Protection at the Most Reasonable Cost, By Gary Dunn, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, AVON Protection Systems Inc.; Bringing Greater Life-Saving Capabilities to the Incident Scene, By Brad Stobb, Regional Support Manager, DHS Systems LLC; A Mandatory Need for Gold Standard Sampling, By Rodney Hudson, Founder/Owner, QuickSilver Analytics Inc.; An Improved Game Plan for 2011, By Mitch Saruwatari, Vice President, Quality & Compliance, LiveProcess; FEMA Official to Give Opening Keynote Address at the 2011 Public Health Preparedness Summit, By Jack Herrmann; and Massachusetts, Illinois, Tennessee, & Minnesota, By Adam McLaughlin



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