Global Disasters, Require Global Solutions

Featured in this issue: REPORT FROM SPAIN – The Andalusian Approach, By Dr. Alvaro Pemartin; Evacuation in the United Kingdom: Reshaping Policy, By Andy Oppenheimer; The Order of Saint John: Chivalry Is Not Dead, By Joseph Cahill; Just When Americans Thought the Cold War Was Over, By Neil C. Livingstone; DomPrep Survey: Evacuation Planning, Prepared by John Contestabile, Former Engineering & Emergency Services, Maryland Department of Transportation; Summarized by John F. Morton; International vs. National Standards Development – Sister Processes, By Diana Hopkins; Emergency Management: An International Focus, By Kay C. Goss; Lessons Learned from the Haiti Earthquake, By L. Browne-Barbee; Preparedness: Protecting Facilities Against CBRN Threats, By Dr. David Cullin, Senior Vice President, Technology Transition, ICx Technologies Inc.; and Iowa, Arizona, California & New Hampshire, By Adam McLaughlin



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