Health Systems & Surge Capacity

Featured in this issue: Hospital Surge Capacity – A Moving Target, By Theodore (Ted) Tully; Hospital Expansion Through Alternate Care Sites, By Joseph Cahill; Public Health Emergencies & the Special Needs Populations, By Bruce Clements; Understanding Surge Capacity: A Much-Needed Primer, By Raphael Barishansky; Negotiating Memorandum of Understanding for Sheltering, By Pamela Spring & Rainier C. Harvey Sr.; Your Thoughts Compared with DomPrep40’s National Experts on …Health Systems & Surge, Prepared by Craig Vanderwagen, Former HHS (Department of Health & Human Services) Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response; Summarized by John F. Morton; Electronic Medical Records – Potential Benefits of a “Health Cloud”, By Rodrigo (Roddy) Moscoso; Leadership and Stewardship in Microeconomic Decision-Making, By Dennis R. Schrader; Preparing for Unexpected Hospital Surges, By JL Smither; and New York, Alaska, California, and Alabama, By Adam McLaughlin



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