U.S. Coast Guard Cyber Strategy

The Coast Guard released their cyber strategy to ensure the prosperity and security of the nation’s Maritime Transportation System. The Coast Guard’s cyber strategy is a comprehensive framework that identifies

Baltimore Unrest - Police Lessons Learned on the Fly

In any emergency or disaster incident, some tasks will be done well and others will be the basis for lessons to learn and changes to implement after the smoke clears. The Baltimore riot is one example. Law enforcement officers quickly learned that, even with multidiscipline planning and training for special events, they were not fully prepared for the unplanned events that unfolded.

Riots - When Civil Rights Protests Lose Civility

From the Occupy movement to burning cars and looting pharmacies, Baltimore, Maryland, has seen its share of peaceful (and not-so-peaceful) protests. In light of recent publicized civil unrest, cities across the country continue to seek a balance between protecting First Amendment rights and protecting the communities and residents for which these rights were intended.

Disaster Behavioral Health Interventions Inventory

This is an inventory rather than a review of current research in the field of disaster behavioral health (DBH). The inventory primarily comprises disaster-specific interventions, although several may also be

Serving the Underserved - No Matter What

For underserved communities, every day is difficult. However, during a civil disturbance, these difficulties multiply – especially in times of civil unrest, when volunteers may be too afraid to work. In Baltimore, the solution to fill the volunteer gap came from social media use and a mobile app used by the mayor’s offices.

The History & Reality of the National Guard

The Maryland National Guard was recently activated to quell the riot-induced violence in Baltimore. The National Guard’s roles, responsibilities, powers, and chain of command differ significantly from other military components in that they provide military services to support overwhelmed civil authorities under the command and control of the state governor.

Promoting Positive Policing Approaches in Communities of Color

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore, Maryland, highlights a not-so-new divide between law enforcement and the communities they serve. CNA Corporation has spent years talking with police officers from more than 50 police agencies to find ways to build mutual trust and respect between these two groups. Its findings are now available.

How to Change Response Tactics in Times of Civil Unrest

Unlike responses to hurricanes, floods, or other natural hazards, civil disturbances are more likely to place emergency responders in harm’s way as the situation rapidly and unpredictably changes. To avoid becoming a target for angry crowds with projectiles and gunfire, personnel within the area of active fighting or unrest must be able to make decisions and triage incidents without hesitation.

Draft Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance

The goal of this plan is to ensure continuity of successful treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Five strategic objectives are outlined to reach this goal: awareness and understanding of
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