Mass Casualty - Planning, Evacuation & Lessons Learned

Featured in this issue: COOP Planning Becomes Major Concern for Healthcare Facilities, By Raphael Barishansky; When Time Stops: Family Support After a Mass-Casualty Incident, By Joseph Cahill; NIMS/ICS Case Study: Evacuation & State-Managed Shelters, By Steven Grainer & Patricia Snead; The Time Square Bombing Plot: What it Means for America, By Neil C. Livingstone; DomPrep Survey: The Use of Social Media in Disaster Response, Prepared by Joseph Becker, Senior Vice President, Disaster Services, ARC; Summarized by John F. Morton; All Hazards Evacuations: All Means Every Disaster & Everyone, By Kay C. Goss; Needed: A Comprehensive Nuclear Forensics & Attribution Act, By Vayl Oxford; Full-Scale Exercise: The Multiple Realities of a Complex Simulation, By Adam McLaughlin; Coping with Chaos: The Aftermath of a CBRNE Incident, By Richard Schoeberl; Lessons Learned From an “Almost” Evacuation, By JL Smither; and Idaho, Texas, Oregon, & California, By Adam McLaughlin



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