Medical Preparedness

Featured in this issue: Functional Needs Support Services – A New Paradigm in Emergency Shelter Operations, By Bruce Clements; U.S. Vaccine Development: Expediting the Process, By Diana Hopkins; Field-Proven Medical Skills for Law-Enforcement Units, By Joseph Trindal; “My Loved One Was in That Bad Accident – Can You Help Me?”, By Craig DeAtley; Hospital Emergency Planning – Hospitals Qualify as Critical Infrastructure, By Theodore Tully; Another Look at EMS Staffing in Action, By Joseph Cahill; The Reality of On-Scene Medical Control Physicians. By Raphael Barishansky; Reducing the H1N1 Risk: Public-Private Social Media Partnerships, By Tim Tinker, Senior Associate & Director, Booz Allen Hamilton’s Center for Risk and Crisis Communication, and Marko Bourne, Principal, Booz Allen Hamilton; Technology and Equipment: Training Needed on Both, By JL Smither; and North Carolina, New York, Georgia, and Nevada, By Adam McLaughlin



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