Radiological Preparedness

Radiological Preparedness

Featured in this issue: Radiological Preparedness: A Short Primer, By Jeffrey Williams; Securing Weapons of Mass Destruction: A Continuing Challenge, By Richard R. Schoeberl; Radiation Contamination of Emergency Equipment, By Joseph Cahill; Hospital Response to a 10-Kiloton Nuclear Detonation, By Craig DeAtley; Understanding the Mobile Detection Deployment Program, By The Domestic Nuclear Detection Office; CBRNE & NIMS: Complementary, Not Contradictory, By Stephen Grainer; Countermeasures to Cope With Radioactive Exposure, By Craig Vanderwagen; Hospitals Must Prepare Now for Future Contingencies, By Theodore Tully; Protecting Responders From the Known and Unknown, By John Lazier; Public Health Response & Severe Weather Emergencies, By Audrey Mazurek; and EPA’s Role in Domestic Preparedness, By Erica Canzler




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