TIMs - TICs - Toxic, And Too Close To Home

Featured in this issue: The EMS Role in Chemical-Release Incidents, Joseph Cahill; The Friendly Neighborhood Chemical Weapons Store, Adam Montella; Is Al Qaeda Seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction?, Neil C. Livingstone; Pandemic Preparedness: Strategies to Protect the State Workforce, David G. Henry; Everyone Must Go: The Anatomy of an Evacuation, Joseph Cahill; NIMS & ICS – A Road Map for U.S. Health Departments, Raphael Barishansky; Mexico’s Narco-Civil War: Porous and Perilous – The U.S./Mexican Border Situation, Joseph Trindal; DHS – Moving Forward; And Moving Out, Kay C. Goss; Pamper and Protect: A Professional’s Guide to Personal-Security Details, Derrick Mayes & Cynthia Tsai; Bioterrorism Exercise: A Taste of the Real Thing, Stephanie Ostrowski & Crystal Castillo; and South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, & Missouri, Adam McLaughlin



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