Everyone Must Go: The Anatomy of an Evacuation

No response, no matter how successful, is ever complete without an honest after-action review, which if properly carried out leads to the extension of successful tactics and discontinuation of the

Government Accountability Office (GAO) - Freedom of Information Act: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Has Taken Steps to Enhance Its Program, but Opportunities Exist to Improve Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

GAO says that DHS could increase efficiency through the implementation of internal monitoring and oversight, component-specific training, online status-checking services, the electronic dissemination of records, and electronic redaction. http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d09260.pdf

The EMS Role in Chemical-Release Incidents

Few if any EMS agencies anywhere in the world are properly equipped to cope with the accidental or intentional release of lethal nerve agents. But there are several ways to keep the death toll low while also protecting the first responders themselves.

DHS - Moving Forward; And Moving Out

An expeditious start, clear directions, and a detailed road map to the future augur well for an ambitious new slate of initiatives, both domestic and international, for the overworked and not always adequately funded Department of Homeland Security.

NIMS & ICS - A Road Map for U.S. Health Departments

Implementation of the guidelines undergirding new national anti-terrorism policies will be a major challenge for state & local health departments. But the end result will be a better coordinated and much more effective national healthcare community.

The Friendly Neighborhood Chemical Weapons Store

It doesn’t take much money, time, or a genius IQ to build a clumsy but extremely effective chemical weapon that could kill thousands of people. But a pickup truck would be needed to haul “the makings” from the local warehouse or agricultural combine.
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