What If...Training for the Worst-Case Scenario

Featured in this issue: Answering the “What Ifs” With Real-Life Training, By Richard Schoeberl; Training, Exercises, and the ICS: A Natural Fit, By Stephen Grainer; The New CDC “Zombies” of Emergency Preparedness, By Joseph Cahill; All-Hazards Response Training Updated & Expanded, By Shannon Arledge; Corporate Support for a Healthcare Facility in Crisis, By Craig DeAtley; The Growing Complexities of Port-Rescue Operations, By Corey Ranslem; UK Approaches in Disaster Medical Education, By Robert Stellman & James Matheson; Studying Hazardous Material Protective Gear in Action, By Terrence K. Cloonan; Training for Multi-Agency Response Efforts, By JL Smither; and Michigan, New York, North Carolina & Wisconsin, By Adam McLaughlin



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