Violence March 2013


Featured in this issue: Hybrid Targeted Violence: Fire, Firearms & Complex Threats, By Tracy L. Frazzano, with G. Matthew Snyder; Improving Officer Safety Through Preparation & Practice, By Monica Giovachino; Enhancing Zones to Protect the Emergency Responder, By Glen Rudner; Gas Refinery Attack in Algeria: The Lessons Learned, By Joseph Trindal; Unique Dangers Posed by Lone-Wolf Terrorists, By Jeffrey D. Simon; Safer Schools Through Advance Planning, By Donald J. Cymrot; Staying Ahead of “The Big One”, By Joseph Cahill; U.S.-Mexico Border Security – The Spillover Effect, By Richard Schoeberl; Missing in Action: Private-Sector Situational Awareness, By Michael J. Pitts; Predictive Policing: Actionable Information About Potential Crimes, By Rodrigo (Roddy) Moscoso; and Police Training for Hazardous Threats, By Shannon Arledge




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