Vocabulary on Preparedness

Featured in this issue: PTSD: Its Causes, Effects & Possible Strategies, By Joseph Cahill; Public Health Emergency Resilience: The Next Challenging Step, By Bruce Clements; The Missing Leg of a Well Balanced Facility Security Platform, By Joseph Trindal; Pre-Exposure Anthrax Vaccination: A Horse & Cart Situation?, By Thomas K. Zink; Private Sector Language: Resilience & the Supply Chain Element, By Dennis R. Schrader; Disaster Resilience: An Emergency Manager’s Perspective, By Kay C. Goss; The Three “T”s of Terrorism – Finding the Facts in the News, By Jordan Nelms; USCG’s Small-Vessel Security Strategy Ready for Launch, By Corey D. Ranslem; Storm Warnings: Communications and Utility Resilience, By Omar Alkhalaf; Air National Guard Resumes Life-Saving CCATT Mission, By Ellen Krenke; and Georgia, California, Kansas, and Colorado, By Adam McLaughlin




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