University of Southern California Chosen as First Homeland Security Center for Excellence

The Department anticipates providing the University with $12 million over the course of the next three years for the study of risk analysis related to the economic consequences of terrorist threats and events.

RAE Systems Launches ToxiRAE II

Rugged, powerful personal toxic gas monitor provides the features of an instrument for the price of a disposable detector

TSA's Air Cargo Strategic Plan

This Strategic Plan details a multiphased, risk-based blueprint for implementing a comprehensive air cargo security approach by applying existing capabilities and pursuing emerging technologies.

Smiths Detection: A First Responder's Sixth Sense

Bio-Seeq- Identify. Contain. Save Lives.

Department of Homeland Security Unveils US-VISIT Program

The US-VISIT program -- United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology -- is a cornerstone of the Department's goals to improve border management at our ports of entry.

Alexeter Announces Private-Sector Biological Security Training

Alexeter Technologies, LLC of Wheeling, IL today announced the launch of the Corporate Biological Terrorism Awareness Course, believed to be the only comprehensive bio-terrorism training tailored exclusively toward the private workplace.

UKs Department for Transport Approves GE Ion Tracks Next Generation Itemiser3

GE Ion Tracks Explosives Trace Detection Equipment Approved for Use in UK Transport Security Applications to Help Ensure Public Safety

TVI Corporation Clinches Top Innovator of the Year 2003 Award

- leading supplier of rapid deployment shelters and chemical/biological decontamination systems for the military, public health, and first response agencies, presented with The Daily Records award

RAE Systems Launches AreaRAE-Gamma, Wireless Integrated Radiation and Hazardous Gas Detector

RF-equipped sensor enables real-time data transmission of VOC, toxic chemical and radiation data from HAZMAT accidents and terrorist incidents

Homeland Security Secretary Ridge Approves Initial National Response Plan

U. S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge today announced approval of the Initial National Response Plan (INRP), an interim plan designed to help develop a unified approach to domestic incident management across the Nation.